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Phoenix Precast offers a wide collection of concrete septic tanks in a variety of sizes and styles for your project requirements. Our septic tanks can be purchased in numerous compartmentalized configurations, that allows for tremendous versatility within your designs. concern, but wished to get some opinions. No internal or external corrosion. The fiberglass fish tank never corrosion since it contains no metal reinforcement. In addition, the non-porous easy interior finish helps prevent the proliferation of algae, bacterias or microbes ( MIC , microbial induced corrosion). We are capable of delivering and placing any of the products we create to any job location. This service runs from reservoir deliveries to placing K Rail at night, on site to Cal Trans part of the traffic control portion of your highway job.
Precast parking composition showing an interior column, girders and double-tee structural floors. The two grey circles are addresses to close the lifting anchor holes. Subscribe to receive our newsletter and other Armtec changes including products, news and webinars. Septic tanks will be the first vital factor of an onsite wastewater treatment system. The septic tank, used in conjunction with one of the many treatment and dispersal options includes a total onsite wastewater treatment system.
As a family-owned company , we're very alert to how our business affects the environment. We've minimal waste products, we recycle our water, and we make sure any leftover product can be used. If you're considering upgrading, or installing a fresh system we'd love to speak to you. Call us at (800) 696-SHEA to get a quote over a precast cement septic fish tank today.
Following rigorous trials at the Institute for Wastewater Technology (PIA Gmbh) in Germany, McGraths Precast Concrete Ltd has been awardedIreland's first CEN Certificate for a Precast concrete septic tank relative to EN 12566-1. Compare the workmanship of the products to any others and you will quickly see that Allegiant Precast products are truly built to last. A plastic 1250 gallon fish tank can be raised and moved by two or three guys. One dude can lift a end and swing action it around, by himself.concrete septic tank lids for sale
Traditional Cement Septic Tanks have typically been made, sold, and supplied by precast companies. There are a lot of reasons why it has been the case. You deserve the very best quality at the best price. Precast septic tanks can provide that and help you avoid the hassle. If you have questions about precast concrete septic tanks, contact P & L Concrete Products, Inc. at 209-838-1448.
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